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Sharon Wells

Sharon and her husband own Aquatic Greens Farm in Bryan, Texas.  She's a Christian, daughter, sister, wife, mother, aunt, grandma, friend, and Aggie. 

She has been a student, athlete, coach, secretary, leader, mentor, teacher, and tutor.  She grew up in a military family, living in several states and three foreign countries before marrying and settling in Texas.  After graduating from Texas A&M, she taught elementary and special needs students for several years before settling down at home to raise their daughters.  During this time, Sharon started and ran a homeschool

co-op, and they also spent several years as houseparents at a children's ranch.  

After their daughters graduated and moved away from home, she returned to public education, and she quickly realized that the incidence of autism spectrum and ADD and ADHD disorders in young students had increased exponentially.  That realization, coupled with a surgery,  started her inquiries into pharmaceutical medications, environmental toxins, supplements, essential oils, plants, herbs, nutrition, food, and farming.

With a newfound conviction to eat healthier and share what Sharon had learned with others, she started their aquaponic systems (farm) in 2013.  The farm has gone through several changes over the years.  Aquatic Greens Farm (AG Farm), a family built and run farm with an emphasis on wholesale production; next, Bridget’s Basket, which was partnering with an in-ground farmer to create a flexible CSA with a delivery service; then Earth Galley Farms that was partnering with younger Aggies to grow the CSA and start an online store; and now back to Aquatic Greens Farm. 


The one constant throughout the years has been her unwavering desire and commitment from several previous students to volunteer and work at the farm. With a newfound emphasis on teaching and training adults with disabilities to help work and run the farm and work in the commercial kitchens at the farm, she is excited to see what the future holds for Aquatic Greens Farm.


As a lifelong student, and a novice farmer, Sharon continues to learn about plants, herbs, fish, bacteria, nutrients, pests, organics, greenhouse growing, irrigation, composting, as well as marketing, social networking, website building, licensing, accounting, and working with adults whose disabilities prevent them from being otherwise employed.  While she is coordinating with like-minded local farmers and producers, her desire is to share their produce and products and knowledge with residents in Bryan/College Station and the surrounding communities.

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